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RE: ISS PMS Help File (and some kibitzing)

On 01-Mar-02 Bob Bruninga wrote:
> In my last email, I sent the PMS help file to keep people from downloading
> it over and over...  But how should we be using this precious asset on
> orbit?  We all know that there are many  reasons not to use the PMS:

Long term proposal:

Why don't we come up with a TNC for the ISS that supports pacsat or pacsat-like
protocols (plus digipeating).  Don't allow connects at all.

I guess we could allow connects from the serial port in case they ever plug a
laptop into it. :)

These protocols were designed for this situation.  I even remember seeing a
proposal to use something like this for terrestrial BBSes so each individual
doesn't have to download their own copy of the lists and bulletins.

This way in 5-10 years when we send up the next tnc the problem will be solved.

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