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ISS PMS Help File

For the second day, we have seen the same person CONNECT to the ISS PMS
and spend the pass downloading the PMS help text.  So to save others the
trouble (and bandwidth), and temptation to download their own copy
too, here it is.

By the way, for him to get his one complete copy, everyone else monitoring
the downlink, got to capture 3 to 5 copies of every line multiple times.
over two days.  So it was easy to piece it together here on the ground:

--------  -------------------------------------------------------
B(ye)     B [CR] disconnects you from PMS.
H(elp)    H [CR] or ? [CR] displays this help file.
J(log)    J [CR] displays a list of callsigns heard (optional date/time)
K(ill)    K n [CR] deletes message number n  (only to/from your callsign)
KM(ine)   KM[CR] deletes all READ messages addressed to your call sign.
L(ist)    L [CR] lists the 10 latest messages.
M(ine)    M [CR] lists the 10 latest messages to/from your callsign.
R(ead)    R n [CR] reads message number n.
S(end)    S (callsign) [CR] begins a message addressed  to (callsign).
SB        Sends Bulletin
SP        Sends Personal
ST        Sends Traffic
          Subject: ending with [CR].
          Text: End each line with [CR]. End message by typing /ex
          [CR]  or  CTRL-Z [CR] at the beginning of a new line.
SR(eply)  SR n[CR] Sends a reply to message n prompting only for text.
           typing /ex [CR]  or  CTRL-Z [CR]
           at the beginning of a new line.
V(ersion) V [CR] displays the software version of the PMS system.

Just thought it would help if people didnt download something that
everyone should already have a copy of anyway...

de WB4APR, Bob

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