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40th Anniversary Americans in Space - Special Event

Sorry I wasn't able to operate on 14.282 MHz on Sunday.  There were two
stations on 14.30 running linears bragging how each had 20+++ signals.  I
tried from noon until 1 PM EST.  Then I returned to try again at 2:00 -
2:15 PM EST and heard Larry very weak still calling the AMSAT net. 
Earlier in the day, I was able to work one station on AO-27, from the
parking lot at KSC.

My wife Sue and I had a great time a KSC.    What a surprise to have
"Owen Garrott"- W5LFL -  speak on stage during the Dedication of the
Rocket Garden and to the Mercury Astronauts! After the dedication, I
called to Owen, pointing to the AMSAT "Hams in Space" tee shirt I was
wearing ( I was also wearing my AMSAT ARISS cap), and he gave me a
"Thumbs-up"!  We attended the 40th Anniversary dinner later that day-
with all the astronauts, and 800+ others.   I saw Owen there, and told
him that I was the guy with the Hams in space tee-shirt, and I saw him a
couple of years back at Dayton  (I was wearing my gray AMSAT ARISS sport
shirt with AMSAT Badge, with Space Shuttle tie & Expedition One pin on my
black suit coat)  

It was certainly the thrill of our life!

73, Al -  KD4SFF
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