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Re: [amsat-bb sarex] UO-22, ISS satgate, etc

 I was having a bad weekend on the SIG. First I said 'call substitution',
when I meant 'call insertion', also I noticed that I was QRMing my ISS
satgate -4 with packet's from my test mobile -3. Well, after the 160m
contest, as thing's were getting back to normal here, I noticed I had a
very weak sig on FO-20. I discovered that after I worked a few station's
on AO-40 Sat morning I had, after removing the Drake coax feed,
mistakenly placed a 30m dipole feed onto the 2m input of my 847! Easy to
do here as I have 18 antennas. This dipole was cut for 10.151.5, it
worked out to an SWR of about 2.2-1 on 2m with my MFJ! So there also is
nothing wrong with the d/l on UO-22's 145.975 frequency. I was actually
getting into the pacsats KO-25 included, to get DIR up to date! The
dipole uplink was the also the problem I was having with QRMing the -4
satgate. Hey, could of been worse, I could have forgetten to remove the
Drake feed.
 I promise not to put my foot in my mouth again, and Jerry & Bruce, 
maybe it's better if I run unattended!  

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 14:24:22 -0800 "Ronald Ross" <rr@thistle.org> writes:
> Hi Jeff,
> Do you work UO-22 regularly?
> If you do, can you please let me 
> know if and when UO-22 starts to 
> work  "normally" again.
> thanks
> >UO-22 digi is on (D=1) But the bird isn't receiving well, for some
> >reason. I tried both 145.900 and 145. 975 ) packet's digied on 900 
> 0, on 975 about a 5% success rate. I usually get about 95% with base 
> station.
> > 
> >cq
> >UOSAT5-11*>STATUS:B: 1496349657
> >UOSAT5-11*>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
> >KB2M>UOSAT5*>6371:cq

73 Jeff kb2m

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