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Re: RS0ISS and ARISS and PCsat

On 2/23/02 4:17 PM jeff w griffin (kb2wqm@juno.com) wrote:

>F DUTYwww.qsl.net/kb2m 
>Both these packets are from ISS. We use call substitution to see who is
>diging the packets. This is done with APRS+.
There is absolutely no way that these packets could ever be identified as 
coming through the ISS. If this was discussed and approved by the APRS 
WG, it is a MAJOR mistake. If it was done by Brent on his own, it should 
be corrected.

Callsign substitution is not the appropriate term to be used here, that 
term applies to the replacement of a generic callsign with a specific one 
as the packet is digipeated. So for example,

K4HG-8>APRS,WIDE*,WIDE:test packet


K4HG-8>APRS,WIDE,W1XYZ-6*:test packet

when it gets digipeated by the W1XYZ-6 digi.

In this case, a packet that looks like:

K4HG-8>APRS,RS0ISS*:test packet

gets turned into

K4HG-8>APRS,W1XYZ-00*:test packet

The digi path data gets stripped off and lost forever. There is no way to 
tell if the packet came through ISS, PCSat, the uplink of either, or a 
terrestrial channel. This sort of loss of information is unacceptable in 
my opinion...

Steve K4HG

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