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Re: RS0ISS and ARISS and PCsat

On 2/23/02 9:19 AM jeff w griffin (kb2wqm@juno.com) wrote:

>Ariss.net isn't posting the station's I'm gating to the internet.
>Findu.com is. Check out kb2m-3 on findu.com. My guess is ariss is still
>selecting nocall's? ariss or rs0iss  both work as a digi call. 
When I look at findu.com, I see no packets in the last 48 hours that came 
through ISS from kb2m-3. All the packets there have terrestrial digi 


Can you provide more details?

There was a bug I introduced yesterday when I removed the NOCALL filter 
from the parser, I was anxious to do that because it often resulted in 
erroneous packets getting placed on the ariss page. The new bug prevented 
all data from getting posted to the ariss page, and was fixed this 
morning. However, it is not the cause of the problem you seem to be 
seeing, because the ignored data would still be seen in the rawposit cgi 

In case people aren't aware, ariss.net and findu.com are the same 
machine, the www.ariss.net URL just gets rewritten into a normal findu 

Steve K4HG

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