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Glad to see RS0ISS up and running.  Many thanks to all those who made it 

I see that some stations, though, are still trying to connect to the 
BBS.  Please don't do this.  There's no computer connected to it, so the 
crew cannot read your message, and all you are doing is clogging the 
frequency.  Instead, just keep on digipeating through ISS as always, using 
RS0ISS instead of NOCALL.

Here's the latest info, taken from Frank's recent posting:

The new module, using the callsign RS0ISS, will use a specially developed
ROM with the standard ISS defaults, a new battery and an extended memory
(up to 1 meg). Although the mailbox function will be activated, hams are
discouraged from using it. Currently there is no computer hooked up to the
packet module. In addition, the crew will be much too busy to respond to
messages posted there.

Tnx & 73,


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