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Re: Is this Ironic or what?

> It has been so long that default Via callsign for ISS in NOCALL.
> Is this an example of American Stupidy, or just the government?

I guess my experience in 30 years of government service is that we are
very lucky to have a TNC on the ISS.  And since every thing that happens
up there is under the intense scrutiny of thousands of govermnent
bureaucrats on the ground, it is just not easy to get things done.  There
is intense competition for resources.

We should just lay low until the cards are right.  With thousands of
people having the authority to say "no", it is better for the SAREX team
not to push for something until they know they are going to get a "yes"

Frank's team is watching for those miracle opportunities and playing
the cards..  and we know they "want to get it fixed"... so when the cards
all fall into place, you bet it will happen...

Just my opinion...


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