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Sarex sked Lound and clear in boston ma, 1934 utc

Hi all,
today's sarex schedule with ISS sounded very good from Boston.
Dan Bursch was heard for a good 9 minutes using the
145.800 down link from ISS.
The RF side of the link was solid the whole pass, with just
a little cross polizariation fading as expected twice during the pass.
The Audio portion was a little light because of the noise canceling
properties of the David-clark head set.  (hold the mic a little closer)

I got a chuckle when Dan said, one of his many jobs is to 
REBOOT the lap tops.

Then at the END of the pass, Dan signed with the school
then changed channels and put out a CQ the public channel.
I called him and we exchanged a quick hello seconds before LOS.

talk care,


ISS Expedition 4 hams:
Yuri Onufrienko RK3DUO
Carl Walz KC5TIE
Dan Bursch KD5PNU

Vestal Senior High School, Vestal, NY, USA; direct via N2SPI 
Thursday 2002-02-14 19:36 UTC direct (***)
Dan Bursch KD5PNU operating NA1SS is the scheduled ISS ham
No internet coverage. (***)
Good Luck Vestal!  (***)
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