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Mississippi ARISS Contact

> To:  ARRL Members in Mississippi
> De:  w5xx@arrl.org
> Re:  Mississippi Students QSO the ISS
> Wednesday, January 16, 2002- Thirteen elementary school students in 
> Mississippi fired off a total of 18 questions today to ham astronaut Carl 
> Walz, KC5TIE, who responded from the International Space Station during a 
> pass over North America. A crowd of about 200 students and 50 parents 
> watched while the youngsters at St. Clare School in Waveland, Mississippi,
> quizzed Walz for 10 minutes. Coordinating teacher Mary Bartholomew 
> commented afterwards, "These students are going to have a very slow time
> of 
> landing back on Planet Earth! And the parents are still on Cloud Nine!"
> Bartholomew said that her students have been studying the electromagnetic 
> spectrum and space travel in preparation for today's contact, facilitated 
> by the international coalition ARISS, Amateur Radio on the International 
> Space Station.
> The telebridged contact began with Tim Bosma, W6ISS, operating telebridge 
> station W6SRJ from Santa Rosa, California, relaying congratulations to
> Walz 
> from ARISS Board Chairman Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, for Monday's successful 
> installation of a new VHF-UHF ham antenna on the service module of the 
> space station.  Walz mentioned ham radio in two of his answers to the 
> students. He said ham radio was one of the ways, in addition to e-mail and
> NASA telephone, that he communicated with family and friends while on
> board 
> the space station. In response to a question about improvements on the 
> station, he answered that Monday's ham antenna installation was one of 
> several improvements made or to be made by the Expedition Four crew.
> In response to other questions, Walz reported that he and his crewmates, 
> Commander Yuri Onufrienko, RK3DUO, and Dan Bursch, KD5PNU, are conducting 
> experiments with algae, and did research on lung function during Monday's 
> spacewalk. He told the students that on Christmas Day he unwrapped a few 
> presents that he had carried up as personal items, and that he received 
> books, CDs and pictures. He said that the Mercury and Gemini astronauts, 
> especially John Glenn, were his role models.
> Reporters from a Biloxi television station and three newspapers witnessed 
> today's ARISS contact.  MSNBC carried the students' interview live on its 
> website.
> ARISS mentor Randy Becnel, W5UE, helped the staff and students prepare for
> the event.  
> Randy also reports that the contact should be available on the MSNBC web
> site later this evening for listening over the next few days.
> Info provided by W5UE
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