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Re: Antenna Installed on ISS

Hi from Spain Europe

It´s 5.47am here in Spain..I still have to go to bed!
It was a night to remember!
I do not even have a good satellite station,just a vertical dualbander on 
the roof...I never had a voice QSO with the ISS though heared them so 
But I was all night watching NASA TV thru their web feed and listening to 
the russian guys up there on 143.625 as they passed thru Europe (twice 
during tonite´s EVA)---(recorded them)
>From a person that loves ham radio with not even a "big gun" I can only say 
that we all have to be proud of ARISS,of the astronauts and even proud of 
Nasa´s TV host for saying the word "ham radio" so many times.

I just hope all europeans that were sleeping tonite may realize today that a 
new step has been made for the future good health of ham radio aboard  the 

I think I´m going to get one of those cool antennas and rigs many of you 
already have...just for one reason: being part of the future of ham radio!

Thanks all that helped this could happen! and excuse me for any error in my 
english...I´m just a bit sleepy ... but it was worth the "effort".

Thanks 2 all !

Fernando Casanova
Apartado Postal 1.114
Radio FM :http://www.fernandocasanova.com
Amateur radio :http://www.fcasanova.com
Radio Club:http://www.ea1uro.com

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