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Gagarin sampled on Hit CD

Hi all,

driving home late last year and on the Top 40 comes suddenly a voice in
Russian sounding remarkably like a cosmonaut onboard Mir or other Russian
spacecraft (machinery noises in the background). 

With the help of my 12 year old son, tracked it down to a CD called
Resurection by a Russian band called PPK. Father Christmas duly brought me
the cd, reference PERF32CDS, so I emailed PPK off their website. 

Today Sergey Pimonov of PPK confirmed by email "Yes, it's Gagarin. Our
samples from Russian radio archives".

It's now fallen out of the top 40 (I think!) but for those of you with
access to deleted cds this is good offbeat space ephemera. And the music
bit is ok too!

Retails for UKP3.49 in Woolworth's. Enjoy.

andy g0sfj
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