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Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2001-12-24 06:00 UTC

Upcoming ARISS Contact Schedule as of 2001-12-24 06:00 UTC

The ARISS operations team wishes to announce the following very tentative 
schedule for ARISS school contacts.  This schedule is very fluid and may 
change at the last minute.  Remember that amateur radio use on the ISS is 
considered secondary.  Please check the various AMSAT and ARISS webpages for 
the latest announcements.

Kursk has be rescheduled:
Kursk's Technical University, Kursk, Russia; direct via RW3WWW
  1st choice  Thursday 2001-12-27 10:07 UTC
     2nd choice Friday 2001-12-28 09:09 UTC
     3rd choice Wednesday 2001-12-26 11:06 UTC

Week of 2002-01-07 St. Clare School, Waveland, MS, USA; via the ARISS 
telebridge system 
Dates proposed are:
1st Thursday 2002-01-10 15:22 UTC via NN1SS
2nd Thursday 2002-01-10 18:27 UTC via W6SRJ
3rd Monday 2002-01-07 19:45 UTC via W6SRJ

Week of 2002-01-14 Harrogate Ladies College, Harrogate, UK; direct via GB2HC

Week of 2002-01-21 Butte High School, Montana, USA; direct via N7FMT

Week of 2002-01-28 Deep Creek Elementary School, Oregon USA; direct via K7RAT

Week of 2002-02-04 Quogue Union Free School District, New York, USA; direct 
via N2RBU

Week of 2002-02-11 Vestal Senior High School, Vestal, NY, USA; contact method 

Week of 2002-02-18? Zeehan Primary, Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia; direct via 

Currently the ARISS operations team has a list of over 40 schools that we 
hope will be able to have a contact during 2002.   As the schedule becomes 
more solidified, we will be letting everyone know.  Current plans call for an 
average of one scheduled school contact per week.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS operation team mentors
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