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ARISS & School contacts

I have just updated my web pages with links to
assist schools in obtaining educational programs
associated with the ISS and space science. This
should be of interest students and teachers alike
especially if they are contemplating applying for
a contact with the astronauts on the ISS.
I ask any Amateurs that may be interested in
helping promote this program to contact their
local school to see if they would be interested in
taking part. This is not only of great educational
interest for the students but is a good public
relations exercise for our hobby of Amateur Radio.

Any Amateurs in Australia or N.Z. in particular
wanting further information should check out my
web site or e-mail me if they have any queries.

      Regards Tony.

 Aust. ARISS Co-ordinator
 WEB SITE: http://www.electric-web.org

 J.A.(Tony) Hutchison. VK5ZAI
 P.O. Box 216, PARINGA. 5340.
 South Australia.
 Grid.QF05jt: AMSAT Aust..#799
 Member of AMSAT-NA....#33418

 Riverland Radio Clubs web site:

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