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Marconi Anniversary Interview

Hi all,
>From the second Canadian ARISS school.
Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS mentor for McKenzie

R. Tait McKenzie Public School, Almonte, Ontario

Hi all,

CBC radio will be calling R. Tait McKenzie Public School about 9:00 tomorrow 
morning to do a live interview with grade 6 student Joey Graff, and me, about 
celebrating the 100th anniversary of Marconi's trans-Atlantic signal in the 
classroom with radio.  The interview with Shelagh Rogers, on the "This 
Morning" program, CBC Radio 1, will be broadcast live in the Maritimes, and 
heard here in eastern Ontario sometime after 10:00 a.m. from Ottawa, CBO, on 
91.5 MHz.  The program is heard across the country.

During the Marconi anniversary tomorrow, teams of students here in room 22 
will be keeping a log book of radio communications they hear, including local 
AM and FM radio stations, international broadcasting stations on shortwave, 
any space shuttle communications via WA3NAN, and various HF amateur radio 
transmissions.  We'll be listening as well about 2:32 p.m. for the ARISS 
contact downlink on 145.80 MHz with the students at Signal Hill in St. 
John's. In between, we'll also be looking for amateur radio contacts, through 
the local Almonte repeater on 142.27 MHz., to talk with the students in room 

Radio is a great way to reach out and bring the world, and space, into the 
classroom.  Tomorrow we'll be celebrating a remarkable 12 months of radio at 
school and the Marconi anniversary - by radio.

Neil Carleton - VE3NCE
Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher, Room 22
R. Tait McKenzie Public School
Almonte, Ontario
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