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ISS Amateur Radio Status: December 6, 2001

ISS Amateur Radio Status: December 6, 2001

New ISS crew and call signs
Kolibri-2000 satellite
ISS  and Shuttle Visible
Space Tourists?

By Miles Mann WF1F,
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division

New ISS Crew:
STS-108 is in the sky, look for STS-108, following ISS.
This mission will deliver a new crew to ISS. The Space Shuttle Endeavor
will deliver the Expedition Four Crew with Commander Yuri Onufrienko
RK3DUO of Rosaviakosmos (formally called RSA Russian Space Agency) and
American Flight Engineers Carl Walz KC5TIE and Dan Bursch KD5PNU.  The
current ISS crew, Expedition Three will return to earth, astronaut
commander Frank Culbertson, Cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov, Cosmonaut
Mikhail Tyurin.  

Today Cosomonaut Yuri Onufrienko received his new Russian Amateur Radio
license.  Since postal mail is only delivered to ISS every few months,
he will get the news of his new radio call sign by radio message.  So if
you happen to hear Yuri on the air using the club call R0ISS, tell him
his new call has arrived, RK3DUO.


Both Shuttle and ISS Visible:
Check your tracking programs.

If you do not have a tracking program, please check the NASA web pages
for tracking and Visibility data.  There have been several good reports
of very bright reflections from ISS.


Kolibri-2000 satellite
Next winter there will be a new amateur radio satellite launched during
a cargo mission to ISS.  The new satellite called Kolibir-2000, will be
taken into space by a Russian Progress cargo rocket (Currently docked to
ISS).  The Kolibri-2000 will then stay in space attached to a remote
launching port on the Progress rocket until approximately February
2002.  The Kolibiri will then be remotely launched into space from the
Progress rocket and fee-fall back to earth over the next 2-4 months. 
During the Kolibri's free-fall, it will send back telemetry and digital
voice recordings.  One of the down link frequencies will be 145.825.

ISS "Kolibri-2000" - Russian-Australian School Scientific-Research

Space Tourists?
Do you remember last years ISS tourist, Denis Tito?  We'll, it seems
there is another Space Tourist training for a mission during the Summer
of 2002.  The Rumors are that he is a South African and he will be flown
to ISS for a short mission via a Soyuze Rocket.  I also asked about the
Survivor-ISS contest, and was told, "Lots of paper work".  So I guess we
can NOT expect a Survivor-ISS TV show this fall, darn.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-NA


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Until we meet again

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