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Does anyone have the procedure to reset the Icom 820H CPU?
My rig is doing screwy things..
Some problems are,

On 2 meter FM, the rig will put out full power in low power position.
Also 2 mtrs, the output on FM keydown will transmit and rx very rapidly.
This problem blew out my mast mound pre-amp. (bummed)

On UHF, FM- the rig after about 1 minute of TX will take my subband rx freq
just shot dashed lines, as if no freq stored. Is ok when back to RX mode.
Then my UHF display starts flashing as the TX goes on and off too.

SSB mode seems to be OK.

All this seems like a low voltage problem, and or screwy processor.
Maybe both, I don't know.
Any ideas?

Best 73, Scott

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