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New ISS ham antennas

Hi All,
i just posted some pictures of the new Antenna system for ISS.
The new antenns will be shared with the Amateur radio projcets.
And are currenlty scheduled for launch this month, with a tenative
installe date of Q1 2001.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX


Copy from ARISS news

       New external antenna system for ARISS shipped to JSC 

       ARISS Chairman Frank Bauer KA3HDO, reports that the new ARISS
flight antenna systems were shipped 
       September 6th from GSFC.  The antenna systems are expected to be
loaded into the MPLM (Multi-Purpose
       Logistics Module) and flown on the Space Shuttle Endeavour on the
STS-108/UF-1 flight. 

       STS-108 is currently scheduled for a November 29 launch date.

       The development of the antenna systems to be clamped on the FGB
has been possible thanks to a very close
       and very intense cooperation between the Russian and the US
teams. NASA's Carolynn Conley has done a
       splendid coordination job between the two agencies, running
countless teleconferences to help solving the
       many constructional problems inherent to such a development.  

       Efforts to finalize the deployment continue.  Frank said: "I want
to thank all the individuals from around the
       world that have enabled the ARISS team to get this far. It has
been a challenging effort. Your persistence and
       can-do spirit enabled the antenna systems to go from just a dream
to reality. I really appreciate everyone's
       efforts in the design, development, testing, evaluation, crew
training and shipment of these antenna systems.
       Great job team!!"   

       The ARRL reports that there are also plans to split the current
ARISS equipment into separate ham
       stations  one for 2 metres and one for seventy centimetres.

       HF operation is also a possibility from the revamped stations.  

       The new antennas will cover HF, VHF, UHF and microwave bands up
to 2.4 GHz. They are expected to
       be transported to the ISS in late November aboard the shuttle
Endeavour on the STS-108 mission. The
       new antennas could be installed during a space walk early next
year after t e Expedition 4 crew is
       aboard. Training to install the new antennas is under way. Once
the appropriate gear is in place, ARISS
       operation could extend from HF through to 2.4 GHz. The HF antenna
is a 2.5-meter long flexible tape.
       This will definitely work on 10 meters and could work on 15 and
20 too. The new antennas will be
       placed around the perimeter of the ISS Russian Service Module.
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