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Hi from Spain...(link to audio file below)
Take note of this:
There was an interesting EVA operation Monday 12th of November to Tuesday 
13rd...So maybe they switched the ham rig off for a while!
NASA informs of this:
"The Expedition Three crew successfully conducted its third space walk on 
Monday outside of the International Space Station. Commander Frank 
Culbertson and Pilot Vladimir Dezhurov were the space walkers. They 
continued the outfitting of the Pirs Docking Compartment by hooking up seven 
telemetry cables between Pirs and the Zvezda Service Module. They also 
inspected one of Zvezda's solar array panels and tested the Strela cargo 
crane. Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin served as the space walk coordinator.
The space walk began at 3:41 p.m. CST (2141 GMT) Monday and ended at 8:45 
p.m. CST Monday (0245 GMT Tuesday). It was the 29th space walk in support of 
station assembly and the fifth based from the station. The crew is planning 
to have a day of light activity on Tuesday before turning its attention to 
the arrival of STS-108, which is slated to launch no earlier than Nov. 29. "

Yesterday I was working at home and my scanner was ON,as usually,suddenly it 
stopped at 143.625 and 130.167,on both frequencies I listened to russian 
talks and many QRM from earth stations,possibly coming thru their uplink 
I recorded it in my minidisc and if you hear it you will notice,not only the 
russian talks but something in spanish and some kind of VOLMET station in 
english...the recording is edited and real audio format ,it was recorded 
Monday 12th of November at 0311z..too late for this kind of stuff,isn´t it? 
The same was heared on both frequencies but 143.625 was stronger (due to my 
antenna system,I guess) Enjoy it:

Have a nice week!!!

Fernando Casanova
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