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UISS v2.0 New Version

Hello All,

I'm glad to inform you about my new version of UISS for Windows.
UISS v2.0 has made a lot of improvements and debugging. I put a in many
hours of work to make this version a major improvement over the first
release. I've put new options in this version along with all of the
suggestions and comments that have been send to me.
For those who did not know UISS, here is a small review:
UISS v2.0 has been designed for easy packet communication with ISS
(International Space Station), PCSat and other  'compatible' Sats... You can
digi the ISS with UI-frames complete with TX-data (text) or send your
location in APRS compatible format. The program has been developed for easy
use without using a full blown packet program with a overkill on options!
The program uses the SV2AGW AGW Packet Engine so you can use this program
with any modem installed that is supported by AGW! So you need to install
AGWPE drivers on your system to.

This is what new in UISS v2.0:

* added APRS functionality
* send APRS comments along with your coordination's
* choose your APRS icon that will be displayed in APRS programs like
* support now up to 4 AGWPE ports
* edit, add or delete lines in the TX-data box buffer
* save a report: date, time and data of the monitor and mheard list.
* disable stations connecting you.
* Menu >'open in notebook' now works correct.
* Menu >'view heard calls' now works also ;-)
*'Out of Memory' error after long time monitoring, bug removed
* when printing monitor, then printing was done after closing UISS, bug
* AGWPE selected port always returned to default port 0, bug removed
* TX does now use the correct selected AGWPE port in the Setup Menu
* and more minor improvements and debugging

I worked very hard for this new version. Hope you like it. Best of all: It's

Guy, de ON1DHT

If you are using UISS v1.0 then you can download a upgrade also.
You can download the complete UISS v2.0 package when you don't have UISS
v1.0 installed on your system.
ON1DHT Homepage URL: http://users.skynet.be/on1dht/index.htm
ON1DHT Software page URL: http://users.skynet.be/on1dht/hamsoft.htm

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