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Armand Bayou School Contact

Frank Culbertson's school contact with the Armand Bayou Elementary School
was a big success this morning.  Culbertson was able to speak to the school
via Tony Hutchison, VK5ZAI, in Australia and Worldcom teleconferencing
which linked Tony to the school.  Roy Neal K6DUE, was the moderator and he
did a wonderful job of preparing everyone in the minutes leading up to  the
actual contact.  

The contact was broadcast throughout the school via their PA system.
According to Chad Stevens, Assistant Principal at Armand Bayou,
approximately 720 students listened to the contact.   Bill Wood, W5OOD,
was the ARISS mentor for this contact and both he and Chad did a great job
of making this contact successful.  

Commander Culbertson also had a chance to speak briefly with his son and
daughter who attend school at Armand Bayou.  I think that's the first time
I've heard "Hi, Dad" in a school contact.  

Thanks to everyone involved for making this contact a success. 

Tim J. Bosma  W6ISS
Santa Rosa, California

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