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Voice over VK

On 18/10/2001 at 23:05 UTC Trevor, VK3TI managed a voice contact with NA1SS
crew member, Cmd. Frank Culbertson.  The QSO was short as I had been trying
to didgi frames without success. Due to the orbit cycle the crew are
normally sleeping at this time but I thought I would try a voice
Transmission anyway which is my normal practice when the packet is off, but
have never been successful before.

 To my suprise Frank came back and asked me to repeat my call which I did,
we then swapped a few more words and by this time I was losing his signal as
the contact had begun well into the pass. I don't know if this is the First
Voice QSO over Australia apart from the telebridges back to Schools in the
U.S.A. conducted in Australia by Tony VK5ZAI, but I think it may be.

 I heard Cmd. Culbertson working a VK2 as I lost the signal totally so there
is at least another Australian Ham as excited as I am.

 Thanks to ARISS and all involved for making it possible to talk to the ISS
and her crew.

 Trevor  VK3TI


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