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ISS phone over Europe today

Hi all,
Today Monday 15th of October 2001 the ISS frequency of 143.625 was active 
for quite a while...My scanner stopped at that QRG at around 16.08GMT with 
strong signals with phone comms by the russian astronauts...
Anyway,I noticed a difference: this time there were not only russian talks 
but weird noises and english talks in between...I could hear an english guy 
saying something about a "tunnel"...
I have a recording but it has many QRM(overmodulations,ISS generated I 
guess)..If anyone is interested in hearing it I can post the Mp3 file in my 
site to download...

Let´s keep our ears open at 143.625

Have a nice day and greetings from Spain.Europe

Fernando Casanova
Apartado Postal 1.114
Radio FM :http://www.fernandocasanova.com
Amateur radio :http://www.fcasanova.com
Radio Club:http://www.ea1uro.com
I.C.Q NUMBER:6567596

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