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marex news oct 11,2001 Kolibir-2000

ISS Amateur Radio Status: October 11, 2001

Kolibri-2000 satellite
SpaceCam1 Status
ISS and Mir QSL links
AO-40 SSTV images
Space Station Contest?

By Miles Mann WF1F,
Manned Amateur Radio Experiment, North American Division

Hi all:

Kolibri-2000 satellite
Next winter there will be a new amateur radio satellite launched during
a cargo mission to ISS.  The new satellite called Kolibir-2000, will be
taken into space by a Russian Progress cargo rocket (launch
approximately November 26, 2001).  The Kolibri-2000 will then stay in
space attached to a remote launching port on the Progress rocket until
approximately February 2002.  The Kolibiri will then be remotely
launched into space from the Progress rocket and fee-fall back to earth
over the next 2-4 months.  During the Kolibri's free-fall, it will send
back telemetry and digital voice recordings.  One of the down link
frequencies will be 145.825.

ISS "Kolibri-2000" - Russian-Australian School Scientific-Research

SpaceCam1 Status:
SpaceCam1 is a joint project by MAREX and AMSAT-NA to install Slow Scan
Television on board the International Space Station (Alpha). The
SpaceCam1 Slow Scan TV project went to NASA last summer for testing and
evaluation.  Over all the testing went very good, we did receive a few
unofficial suggestions for changes to SpaceCam1, which we are
reviewing.  The ARISS team has been very busy on the soon-to-launch
antenna project for ISS.
http://www.rac.ca/arisnews.htm#New external

The new antenna project is a very complex project, which will require a
SpaceWalk to install the new Amateur Radio antenna systems.  Due to the
complexity of the Antenna project, the SpaceCam1 project is being moved
back a few months and is not expected to fly until 2002.  We all agree
that it is more important to concentrate on completing the antenna
project, because after all, without antennas, there is no need for more

ISS and Mir QSL links

I have updated the MAREX web page to include new links for both the Mir
and ISS QSL card pages.

AO-40 SSTV images
The MAREX team has been testing the new SpaceCam1 SSTV software via the
AO-40 satellite.  Check out the MAREX web page for some of the SSTV
images which have traveled over 60 - 80,000 miles

Space Station Contest?
Last year, the producers for Survivor TV series, were working on plans
for having a Survivor-Mir Space station contest called Destination Mir. 
Unfortunately the Mir space station was retired a year ahead of
schedule.  So the destination Mir project was canceled and instead the
fall-2001 show will be shot in the south pacific, rather than a
Cosmonaut Training camp.  However there are still rumors coming from
Russian that some people are still trying to get a Survivor contest with
the ISS space station.  Lets keep our finger crossed and hope for a very
good Space Show and maybe ill get more than my finger prints in space,
hi hi.

73 Miles WF1F MAREX-NA


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Until we meet again

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