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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

Hi all,

Thanks for the clarification on the Unproto Destination Address issue.
I think we've exposed the characteristics of the various approaches.
Of course, personal preference and priorities will ultimately 
determine how people use this info. 

Let me attempt a summary:

  This is aimed primarily at keyboard operators, typing
    directly to their TNC (not using APRS software).

1) For human to human ISS digipeating, you can use just about
   anything in the Unproto Destination Address, such as CQ,
   NAME, GridSquare, etc. Example: Unproto CQ via NOCALL
2) If you want an APRS program (including Kenwood APRS radios) to
   see your transmission, use a standard APRS destination address (such
   as CQ, QST, ID, etc.)
3) If you want an APRS program (including Kenwood APRS radios) to
   decode your packet, place an ">" at the start of each line of text.
   This causes APRS to treat the text as "status" information.
4) To add other information automatically into the addressing,
   add additional "VIA" parameters. For example,
        where NOCALL is the digipeating station
              NAME is your name
              GG##GG is your 6-digit grid square
   This is only an example and these fields can be used to suit your
   particular needs. This technique is useful for human readable
   messages, not APRS software (as it exists today).

5) To include the grid square in a format that is APRS compatible,
   start the line of text with ">GG##gg/-". The "/-" indicates a
   House icon in APRS.    

6) Other APRS formats can be used to send your latitude/longitude,
   APRS Icons, etc. See appropriate APRS documentation at
       (Information on APRS Icons)
       (The Full blown APRS Spec)

Important note: When the uplink is congested, shorter packets
   are more likely to get through. 
-------- end summary ----

So does this pretty much get it?
Or did I scramble or overlook something?

Bob Witte

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