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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

At 02:25 PM 09/23/2001 -0400, Margaret Leber wrote:

>There's nothing about APRS formatting that makes it unsuitable 
>for live QSOs; in fact live QSOs are architechted into the protocol. 

I never said there was.  I was referring to the intentions of the ops who
were transmitting at a given time, two main purposes, two sets of needs.  I
agree they can both be met with a uniform standard.

>Hmmm. Somewhat less so than a CQ in any mode...I 
>think calling such operation "broadcasting" is really reaching. 

Fine, but every other instance you cite, like CQs, scheduled meteor QSO
timing, etc are all "broadcasting" for the purposes of establishing contact
via QSO.  APRS is often robotic, which is not in any way out-of-bounds, but
still (in my view) should be a secondary use when compared to actual live
traffic / message handling by live ops.

>Ariss.net is a convenient way to summarize reception reports from a 
>wide variety of earth stations that have access to the Internet as a 

And it is a great service.

>It would be nice if we could see which gates recieved a particular 
>packet, though.    


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