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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

On Sunday 23 September 2001 13:23, Brent Taylor wrote in "[sarex] ISS 
Unproto Destination Address":
> Reading the posts, I guess it boils down to two scenarios:
> 1. How do you want your packet to appear to APRS
> or
> 2. How do you want your packet to appear to a human being

I think that's a very artificial dichotomy. How about *one* scenario: a 
format standardized enough that it can be processed automatically 
(including with APRS), *and* be understandable as raw data by a live op 
as well? There's nothing about APRS formatting that makes it unsuitable 
for live QSOs; in fact live QSOs are architechted into the protocol. 

After all, AX.25 packet radio is a digital protocol inherently intended 
for use with other layers in the stack, and APRS formats actually *are* 
used by live humans.  

> Actually, hitting the ISS with a packet solely to see an APRS capture 
> may be close to "broadcasting"...

Hmmm. Somewhat less so than a CQ in any mode, and just as much so as a 
HSCW meteor-scatter transmission. Given that the intended recipients of 
such a transmission are APRSgates listening on the ISS downlink, I 
think calling such operation "broadcasting" is really reaching. 
Ariss.net is a convenient way to summarize reception reports from a 
wide variety of earth stations that have access to the Internet as a 

It would be nice if we could see which gates recieved a particular 
packet, though.    

73 de Maggie K3XS

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