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ISS Unproto Destination Address

Reading the posts, I guess it boils down to two scenarios:

1. How do you want your packet to appear to APRS


2. How do you want your packet to appear to a human being

As much as I think APRS is extremely neat and useful, at this stage of the
game I prefer to manually operate my station and use ARISS to facilitate
the odd exchange with other hams in real time.  If a gateway picks me up
then fine, but I'd rather see my call come back from another ham than from
the ARISS.NET web site.  

Actually, hitting the ISS with a packet solely to see an APRS capture may
be close to "broadcasting" which was a type of transmission discouraged
when I was studying for my first ticket years ago.  Emerging technologies
have changed that definition, but I still have a little elmer on my
shoulder somewhere with a curious expression on his face, hi hi.

If and when I acquire the additonal equipment/software to make APRS more
interesting and useful to me then my priorities will probably change, so
for now I'll just watch the activity and thank all concerned for doing the
work needed to get this great facility orbited and used.

The important part for all of us is to coexist and share the use of ARISS
whatever our specialty.  

Brent, VE1JH
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