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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, Bob Witte  KB0CY wrote:

> > Maybe I'm under the mistaken impression that ariss.net *only* takes its
> > positions from the body of the packet, either in grid square or LAT/LON

> After looking again at the data on www.ariss.net, I think you are correct.
> I see packets that have the grid in the destination result in
> station listings without their location.

yes. That is the problem.  But I am beginning to be excited about the
format I just suggested since if we can just get everyone to use a common
format that does not violate any of the existing APRS spec, then we can
modify at least the ARISS page and most APRS software to match it.  The
kenwoods wont see the grid (unless it is in the data field), but at least
they will be able to see the CALLS and TEXT...


still seems like a good compromise that we can live with and then tell
APRS software to look for the "CQ" and if it is there, look for the GRID.


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