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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

On Sun, 23 Sep 2001, Miles wrote:

>> As bob b. noted, there is a bug a few APRS software packages:
>> If you want anyone with the Kenwood all-in-one APRS Radios to see you
>> then the UNPROTO must begin with ...  BEACON,CQ,QST,ID,ALL, etc..
> Lets hope that these problems can be fixed.

There is an easy solution see 2nd para below:

To clarify, it is not a bug.  It was designed that way.  APRS filters out
packets not intended for it.  APRS looks for packets sent out to everyone
in the net, not packets sent to individuals (callsigns or names).

But there is an easy solution for putting good stuff in your packets for
EVERYONE to see:

1) Make the TOCALL begin with CQxxxx  that gives you 4 custom chars
2) Use additionl 6 byte digi fields for the Grid Square and name


will cause all of my packets to go out as:

   WB4APR>CQ_BOB,NOCALL*,FM19SX:>hello world.

THis way, you can have as many as 8 fields of information in your packet
as you want, and only have to type the actual text at the end for each
packet (starting with ">").  But just make sure that the TOCALL begins
with CQ.  Notice that TNC's do acept the underscore character as a valid
callsign character so you can make your 3 character name stand out.  Also
a 4 character name will also fit.  Beyond that, you may need to use one of
the digi fields.


WB4APR>CQ_DX,NOCALL*,BRYANT,FM19DX,SCOUTS,DEMO:>Showing off for scout camp


While I do not encourage long redundant packets in general via the space
digipeaters, I do hope this helps those people who do have a special thing
going on and want to include most of it in their packets.  As long as you
begin the packet with CQ, then EVERYONE will see you.  And believe me,
there is nothing more impressive than having your HT in your pocket and
having it capture packets from ISS.  But this does not happen unless the
packet begins with CQ....

Oh yess, and notice that you do have to begin each line with the ">"
character which tells APRS and the Kenwood radios that this is a "STATUS"
packet so that it will capture the first 20 characters of text and display
it on the HT or Mobiles front panel.

But once you have your UNPROTO set up properly, then from then on, the
only "aprs" burden you have to remember is beginning each line with the

Hope that helps.

de WB4APR, Bob

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