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Re: ISS Unproto Destination Address

On Sat, 22 Sep 2001, Bob Witte  KB0CY wrote:

> I am looking for some dialog on the advantages/disadvantages
> of the various unproto destination address used... via ISS.
> The most common Destination Addresses seem to be
>   CQ, First Name, Grid Square and APRS Software Version, ID, BEACON

If you want anyone with the Kenwood all-in-one APRS Radios to see you and
many of the other APRS software,  then the UNPROTO must begin with one of
the more common generic callsigns:  BEACON,CQ,QST,ID,ALL, etc..

> I've been using my 6 char grid square most of the time, since
> it a useful descriptor of location and aids anyone chasing
> grid squares. It allows the www.ariss.net page to map
> my station with some accuracy. However, I did note that
> the APRS spec shows using grid square as the destination address
> as "obsolete". I usually just run a plain vanilla TNC
> and type commands & messages, but I do try to stay
> compatible with APRS formats.

The best format to use that is guarantennd to be seen by everyone is to
put the grid in the data field as >GG##GG/g etc

But you have to type that in every time.  its a mess.  We never could get
all the aprs authors to agree and so  who knows...  I think Grid square is
probably best, but its just that the Kenwoods wont see you because it is
not part of the APRS spec.

 > The first name is nice and friendly but I
find it > not all that useful for common names like "Bob".
> I see messages like "hi Bob" and I really don't
> know who they are directed at. (I guess I could change
> my name :-)
> CQ works and conforms to APRS but does not carry any information.
> Comments?
> 73,
> Bob KB0CY
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