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ISS Unproto Destination Address

I am looking for some dialog on the advantages/disadvantages
of the various approaches I see concerning the unproto 
destination address used when digipeating via ISS. 

The most common Destination Addresses seem to be
  CQ, First Name, Grid Square and APRS Software Version

I've also seen Beacon, ID, etc. 

I've been using my 6 char grid square most of the time, since
it a useful descriptor of location and aids anyone chasing
grid squares. It allows the www.ariss.net page to map
my station with some accuracy. However, I did note that
the APRS spec shows using grid square as the destination address
as "obsolete". I usually just run a plain vanilla TNC
and type commands & messages, but I do try to stay
compatible with APRS formats.

The first name is nice and friendly but I find it
not all that useful for common names like "Bob". 
I see messages like "hi Bob" and I really don't 
know who they are directed at. (I guess I could change
my name :-)

CQ works and conforms to APRS but does not carry any information.  



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