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I am sending this answer to the reflector in order to inform the 
entire group of the actual reasoning behind the deviation being set 
as it is. This answer was originally sent as a reply to Jim.

"The deviation is intentionally set such that if the speaker has the 
microphone just touching his lips it is about 2.5kHz. This is a noise 
cancelling headset so it requires the microphone to be very close. 
Many times the crew forgets that and therefore gets low deviation.
I have monitored many hams on the air and most have their deviation 
set very high. Some as high as 6-7khz. That would be too much for an 
orbiting spacecraft where the doppler is already 2 khz.
This will be even more critical when we get the 70CM system working. 
That will happen later this year."

Louis W. McFadin
Hardware Manager
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