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Flight Antennas


I just sent this out to the ARISS international team.  I thought you'd all 
like to see this since it certainly is "on-topic."

The new antennas will be located around the periphery of the Service Module 
and will give us HF, VHF (2 m), UHF (70 cm), L band and s-band 
capabilities.  They were developed by a joint US, Russian, Italian team.

More details will be provided at the upcoming AMSAT Symposium (1 month away).

73,  Frank Bauer


I just wanted everyone to know that we shipped the flight antenna systems 
today.  These will arrive at JSC for a bench review with the astronauts 
that will occur next week.  We will be having our final Safety Review with 
NASA on September 18.  The antenna systems are expected to be loaded into 
the MPLM (Multi-Purpose Logistics Module) and flown on the Space Shuttle 
Endeavour on the STS-108/UF-1 flight.  STS-108 is currently scheduled for a 
November 29 launch date.

I want to thank all the individuals from around the world that have enabled 
the ARISS team to get this far.  It has been a challenging effort.  Your 
persistence and can-do spirit enabled the antenna systems to go from just a 
dream to reality.  I really appreciate everyone's efforts in the design, 
development, testing, evaluation, crew training and shipment of these 
antenna systems.

Great job team!!

Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
ARISS Chairman 

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