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End of off-topic thread

On Wednesday 05 September 2001 02:20, Robert Oler wrote in "Re: [sarex] 
Tue packet & QSL question":

> As for slamming NASA. Go read the GAO report to find out how out of
> control the organization is in terms of spending money....indeed the
> fact that it has taken somewhere near 1 million Yankee dollars to get
> the simple stuff that is up there now...there is a tribute to how out
> of control the agency is.

No, you go read it. That's *your* obsession and clearly has been for 
many years. Gee...an ex-military pilot, living in Texas, with a 
vendetta against NASA. One might almost get the idea that you were once 
an astronaut candidate, didn't make the cut and are now devoting your 
life to revenge. Sure would explain a lot.

Anyhow, having been trolled once again, I'm done priming your 
pump...this isn't the "I hate NASA" list or even the "I"m trying to get 
ARISS killed list". 
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