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Re: Tue packet & QSL question

On Wednesday 05 September 2001 00:37, Robert Oler wrote:

> I wouldnt be suprised if thats the case (grin).  I dont know what
> deal SAREX/Marex has cut with NASA but its instructive to look at the
> "people hours" that go into construction of the "crew patch".

Well, I suppose it would be more "instructive" if NASA had anything to 
do with the QSL design. My understanding was that it is ARISS 
volunteers who do the work.

I myself think that a document that will be this prized by so many 
people probably deserves a very careful design, and I recognize that a 
volunteer effort runs at its own pace. Having a comittee work on such a 
task does not make it faster. But sometimes its the only way to do it.  

I wouldn't expect you of all people to miss a chance to slam NASA, 

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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