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ISS School Contact Sept 4th

Seabrook Middle School in the Clear Creek ISD (south of Houston), will have 
 a scheduled ISS contact on Tuesday, September 4, 2001 at 3:40 PM CST  
(2040z). Backup schedule is for Friday, September 7. Audio is scheduled to  
be on MSNBC. W5RRR will provide the up/down link to the ISS, radio  
transmissions to and from the school to W5RRR will be done on VHF/UHF. 
If MSNBC audio fails, there will be audio taping at W5RRR which will be  
converted to RealAudio after the event. I will be there several hours before  
the event and hopefully be able to talk with the kids a bit about AMSAT and  
other satellite operations. 

An IMAX film crew was at the school last week during a dress rehersal to film 
 the event for an upcomming movie.  

Hams assisting in the event are: 
Gil Carman, WA5NOM		W5RRR Operations 
Carolynn Conley, KD5JSO	NASA/IMAX Coordination 
Larry Dietrich, WD6KUJ	W5RRR Operations Manager 
William Ewens, KK5RW	Radio Operations Training  
Ken Eckel Jr., AB5A		Antenna Team 
David Fanelli, KB5PGY		Technical Setup, Club Filming 
Daniel Feeback, W5DF		Radio Equipment 
George Fletcher, AD5CQ	Audio 
Steve Hester, K5STV		Technical Setup 
Nick Lance, KC5KBO		Technical Setup and Coordination 
Ross Mattern, KG5YX		Technical Setup 
Ed Smith, W1FU 		         W5RRR Coordination 
John Taylor, KD5IHO		Antenna Team, Technical Setup 
Jack Tschupp, WX5ET		Antenna Team, Technical Setup 
Bill Wood, W5OOD		ARISS Contact Coordinator 
Brian Zemba, N1WSO		W5RRR Operations 

Clubs assisting in the event are: 
The Clear Lake Amateur Radio Club, K5HOU 
Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club, W5RRR 

Here is a list of questions that will be asked of the astronauts. Some of the  
questions have been trimmed down since this list was created. 

Adam, grade 7 
What do I need to do to become an astronaut? 
What is it like living up there in comparision with the space shuttle? 

Savannah, grade 6 
Iím in 6th grade in Seabrook Intermediate.  As you may know, I am 
thinking of being an astronaut when I grow up.  What can I do now to help me  
achieve my goal? 
Which do you like better, on Earth with gravity or in space without gravity? 

Molly, grade 6 
What do you like the most about being in space? 
What are some of the differences about being in space aboard the space  
shuttle versus being in space aboard the space station? 

Banks, grade 6 
What is it like living without gravity? 
What happens if you spill a drink in space? 

Michael, grade 7 
What will be your most interesting experiment while on the Space Station? 
Have you had a hard time getting used to living on the Space Station? 

Sidharth, grade 8 
Will humans really be able to live on the Space Station for years? 
What is it like to be 1 out of a million in the world who got to have a chance to  
go into space? 

Whitney, grade 6 
When I dive deep in the pool, my body acts differently than it does on the  
surface.  Can you explain how this situation is similar to the weightlessness in 
Recently my grandparents returned from Australia and brought me a  
boomerang.  What would happen if I threw this boomerang off the  
International Space Station? 

Danny, grade 8 
How do you get food and water while you are on the space station? 
Are there any dyslexic astronauts? 

Stephanie, grade 6 
Do meteors of any size ever hit the space station? 
Do any astronauts ever get motion sickness or develop a fear of heights  
while in space? 

Santosh, grade 7 
How do you take showers in space, and if you use water, how does the water 
I have read several articles and seen many documentaries on meteorites.   
Even recently during the summer, I stumbled onto a web site which contained 
 a database of meteorites that will pass near the Earth.  My question is do 
you  think we have the technology to prevent meteorites from falling on the 

Hannah, grade 8 
How many nations are involved with the developing of the International Space 
 Station, and how much does the U.S contribute? 
When aboard the ISS, how do you communicate with the Russians: do you  
speak Russian, or do they speak English? 


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