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School Sites

Thanks to all of you who sent me links and nice e-mails regarding ARISS
school sites.  You may recall that I was needing the information for an
article about ARISS that I'm writing for our company web site.

Some of you requested that I sent out a list of the sites when I get them
together, so here it is, along with some positive comments about the ARISS

I was especially encouraged to hear from the McKinney family in Virginia.
They are doing the home schooling thing and often use Amateur Radio, ARISS,
and other space-related subjects in their studies.  ARISS touches people in
places we'll never know about.  Thanks to the McKinney family for the
encouraging comments.  Any family who undertakes the home schooling task has
my admiration...is must be a daunting task, but they are truly doing a good

The site that I was the most excited to get was this one :
This ARISS contact in tiny George West, Texas occurred some months ago
during the initial stages of the ISS program.  At that time, the AMSAT and
ARRL sites, and this reflector, were routinely carrying coverage of the
contacts.  Audio clips were often made available on the internet for us all
to enjoy.

This contact was the exception.  We saw no photos and heard no audio clips.
I understand that MSNBC didn't cover this one live, although they had done
so with other ARISS contacts.  Perhaps being located so far away from a
major city was a factor.  I did read somewhere that Scouts did most of the
work on this one, and that an article in Boy's Life magazine will feature
news and event photos.

Anyway, we can now see photos and newspaper coverage of the event.  Thanks
for that link, and thanks to all who responded to my request for

Be inspired and keep up the good work!

73 to all,

James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, Texas


Here's the URL for Joan Martin Elementary School in Hobart, IN
(although it is not exactly "current" right now)


I participated in that contact (July 31st), and I have a transcript and
audio readily available if you or anyone wants it.  Low-res and high-
res pictures and probably some video material will also be available
in the near future, we hope!  Much work still being done.

I would also like to see your "finished list" of schools when you
have it compiled... or will try to watch for other postings here on the
reflector.  I have been wanting to make such a list myself, and I'm
sure that others here will appreciate your effort.

73 de Stan/W4SV


Dear Mr. Alderman,
       On behalf of my family we would like to thank
you and Ericsson for your contributions....These type
of gifts benefit all of us....
       We made voice contact with ISS Col. Jim Voss on
May 02, 2001 at 5:38 PM....
       We had been trying about three months before we
were able to make contact, but it was an experience
that none of us will soon forget.....Especially our 11
year son .....We are a "Home School Family".... Our
son tracks ISS and the Shuttle via the computer....We
monitor the downlink frequency and have heard many
pass conversations as well....Having made this contact
we follow other satellites to see them visually, we
watch the ISS visible passes as well as other
satellite passes, thanks to Nasa information....
      I wish we had a web site, but do not.....
      Again thank you and Ericsson for promoting such
fine work....
                               Claude N. Mckinney
                               P.O. Box 6
                               Victoria, Va. 23974


Check out our website for station KE4ZXW. We had the 2nd MIREX several
years ago- it was supposed to be the 1st, but a fluke gave that privilege
to a school to the SW of us the same day on the previous pass. Then, more
recently we had the 1st ARISS this year with the 1st ISS crew.


Ken, KF4OW


Hello James,
re: your message about Sarex info.
Having been involved in a direct contact with ISS, as well as MIR, I can
offer you our web site for info. http://www.seva.net/vascarg
We were also planning a MIR contact, with Wendy Lawrence, before she was
canceled, due to being 1 inch too short for the Russian made escape
suit. Eventually she made it up there, on the Shuttle crew,  to drop off
Mike Foale, and also picked up Andy Thomas. I understand that she is one
of the best Russian linguist, in the Corps. We show a very nice
collection of pictures, she brought back to us, including our QSL card,
and Mini Virginia Flag, which she carried with her, at our station
KE4ZXW, at the Virginia Air and Space Center.
Sorry I am not more familiar with the equipment they used, but Miles
Mann or Frank Bauer may be able to help.
73, Wally Carter K4OGT
Control Operator at KE4ZXW


Here is the Burbank, IL  school site for the their ARISS contact.  We were
first in the world.  Enjoy!


Charlie AJ9N
Control op for Burbank



ARISS or http://www.marex-na.org/index.html  web sites.  It also shows
the new SSTV pictures from AO-40 - Arthur N1ORC-AMSAT MEMBER #31468


To Find Previous Sarex Bulletins


I received this email by way of one of our Educational Advisors.  I have a
few links that may help you.





I hope these are helpful to you.

Jean Wolfgang,  WB3IOS
Educational Programs Coordinator


Roy Welch may have seen this and sent you the Parkway contact info. Just in
case,  Roy, and I assisted with this contact.  The URL is:


Mike Koenig

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