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ARISS operations, after unpacking

Hi All
The iss crew is very busy, unpacking new supplies and
packing up trash.

The Expedition Three crew of the space station consists of astronaut
commander Frank Culbertson, Cosmonaut Vladimir Dezhurov, Cosmonaut
Mikhail Tyurin (his first space mission).  When I asked Moscow about
this crews experience with Amateur radio activities, I was told that
Mikhail is a very experienced amateur radio operator and we should
expect to hear from him during this mission.  

Try to visualize your spouse coming home last week with
5 mini vans full of supplies, the Shuttle (with the back seats removed).
Then your spouse came home again this week with another
5 mini vans full of supplies too (Progress cargo truck).
Your house is a typical 4 bed room house (no basement).
And it is now your job, your spouses job and your sons
job to properly unload all of the groceries and
put them away before they spoil.

And some where in one of those bags is your new
ham radio TNC.  We'll of course your spouse says
food first, hobbies later.

To make it more complex, your pantry is full and you
have to stuff the supplies into the dining room, bed rooms, living
And you need to find a place for all of the packing material.
You just cant toss the trash bags out side for the 
recycle truck.  You must put the trash back into the
5 mini vans (after they are empty)

So the iss crew has temporally more important things to do
than play radio.
I am sure that when the important work is done, the 
amateur radio experiments will be reactivated.

73 Miles 


Scott Avery WA6LIE wrote:
> I hope this is not a re-run of MY experiences with MIR.
> If there is a crew not interested in HAM operations, HAM radio takes a back
> seat and we are lucky if the automated stuff like packet is even turned on.
> A voice contact would also be rare.
> My hat is off to Susan Helms, who took HAM radio and used it to her benefit
> and to all school kids she inspired!
> What a good example of a leader.
> I hope the HAM gear on ISS comes alive once again.
> 73, Scott
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