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Re: Re: 9600 via soundcard

On Thursday 23 August 2001 04:06, Yoshihiro Imaishi wrote in "[sarex] 
Re: 9600 via soundcard":

>   And here is a Soundcard Packet Driver. I never tried to use this
> for 9600bps,

In addition to the AGWPE stuff, there's the Multiplatform Soundcard 
Packet Radio Modem by Thomas Sailer, HB9JNX/AE4WA. 

"The Linux version integrates with the Kernel AX.25 stack and requires 
the mkiss driver (included in the standard kernels). The Sparc Solaris 
version provides a KISS stream; software AX.25 stacks can interface to 
this KISS stream. The Windows version runs on Windows platforms 
supporting DirectSound and requires PC/FlexNet32."

While I haven't used this with 9k6, the doc certainly seems to imply 
that it could work. I haven't tried to copy the AO-40 RUDAK with it yet 
because I need to tap into the 9k6 pin on my FT-847's packet output 
port without disturbing the other stuff already inside the connector on 
my cable. Now that I have my soundcard straightened out and working 
properly again, and the RUDAK is being run on a more regular basis, I 
have some incentive to move forward with that.
Tom's Multiplatform AO-40 (Phase3D) Soundcard Telemetry Decoder is 
based on the same code, and works like a champ: 


 73 de Maggie K3XS

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