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Re: Re^3: ISS ground stations

Sorry I wasn't much help Alan!

As for my setup, well I know what I did. I hit
reply all. Thats why you received two copies.

My Bad.

Oh well .. take care anyways.

73 de VA3JPX


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From: Alan Leech <alanwl@infogen.net.nz>
To: sarex@AMSAT.Org <sarex@AMSAT.Org>
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001 18:08 PM
Subject: Re^3: [sarex] ISS ground stations

>On Mon, 6 Aug 2001 10:27:02 -0400, James Poulin wrote:
>> You got two copies, because you're
>> email address was in the To: field as well as
>> the email address for the list server.
>This never happens with anybody else's reply!
>> To answer your question in simpler terms...
>> The list server does not allow messages to be
>> posted if they contain HTML.  Any messages that
>> do contain HTML or contain any attachments
>> comes to the server in MIME format.
>To my knowledge, there ain't no HTML in my mail, correct me if I'm
>wrong. I've saved and looked at the unaltered innards of the copy of my
>messages that are returned by the server and I dont see any HTML tags,
>where're yours comming from?
>> I tried to send an email to the list server 3 days
>> ago and it was rejected because I used html
>> in my email.
>> I hope this explains it.
>> James
>Maybe your setup needs more adjustments, James? Anyway, this is getting
>to be ridiculous, James' was the only comment, which wasn't realy helpfull,
>are there any others that are? If it's a bad idea, let me know and I'll
>shut up about it.
>       Alan. (ZL2VAL)
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