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Re: ISS ground stations

Over the last few days, I've posted a few NZ/Aus ARISS log files generated 
by the excellent Windoze 3.11/95+ program called UI-View, written by Roger
G4IDE of Winpak fame. As yet I havn't seen any feedback, but these logs
can be read by UI-View and the logged period is re-created on the screen
as it was originally.
My point is, why can't this format be used for forwarding into the
server? The program can also hook in to APRS servers and feed incomming
APRS traffic directly, whilst online, once registered.

The logs can be posted to this, or another reflector for those, who like
me, are not able to use these online servers such as  www.arris.net, for
whatever reason.

If you need any more info on UI-View go to the UI-View home page at:

       Alan. (ZL2VAL)

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