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Re: ISS ground stations

On 3 Aug 2001, Delbert Matlock wrote:

> > Maybe we could use something like Phil Karn's Satellite Telemetry Protocol
> > http://people.qualcomm.com/karn/papers/telem.txt

I am 100% in support of the concept of linking multiple Satellite ground
stations everywhere so that we can see downlinks anywhere. We have been
pushing for this since 1996.  I support Phils proposal.

But for APRS packets in the ISS and soon PCsat downlinks which are low
dutycycle and for which a worldwide distribution system already exists, I
tend to prefer the backwards compatible approach using what we have
already.  THen as Phil's system comes on line, we can transition at a
later date to the ultimate protocol for all satellite data...

de WB4APR, Bob

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