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RE: Why do so many people send ISS packet listing?

I try to digipeat often enough to keep myself on the ARISS map. The time until I
drop off, because of the 100 station limit, ranges from 1 to 5 days. Can we
increase the number listed? I don't have a problem with only 100 on the maps,
but I would like to see more of the text list. Maybe a link to an extended list
or a dropdown of choices for how many to display on the existing page. The link
to the raw data is very helpful, and time span choices here would again be nice.

I've been using UISS v1.0 lately. Its small and uncluttered. Putting my lat/long
in the format =3612.10N/11515.60W in the TX data puts me in the right place on
the ARISS map. I tried just putting my grid square in the format >DM26ie, but it
places me just somewhere in the grid. If the author could add the functionality
to send the recieved data to APRServe, it would be ideal.

Charlie AA5QJ

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