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Re: Why do so many people send ISS packet listing.. -- A solution?

On Mon, 30 July 2001, Steve Dimse wrote:

> On 7/30/01 11:10 AM Delbert Matlock (delbert@matlock.com) wrote:
> >Doesn't look like there is anything operating down in the AU/NZ area right 
> >now.  In fact, the whole southern hemisphere looks pretty dead.
> >
> As is expressed on the ariss.net page, the lack of IGates has always been 
> the biggest problem.
> >Perhaps a lighter weight client would be helpful.  Something that acts 
> >like a normal packet terminal, but also gates information out for 
> >ARISS.net in the background.
> >
> That would be nice, any volunteers to write it?

If only I had the skills and time.  Networks and databases are my areas of specialization and too much of my spare time is currently being chewed up trying to learn CW and antenna design/propegation.  Of course, you never know who else might pop up with the needed skills.
> findu.com is not set up to do this sort of propagation study. The system 
> works hard to eliminate duplicate packets, (600,000 a day is enough, 
> without removing dups it would be triple that), but for the sort of thing 
> you are envisioning you would need to save the dups, as well as 
> identifying the original station.

You wouldn't need to store the duplicates.  Just have a linked table with receiver records.  These records could even be optional so that traditional APRS digipeating wouldn't add to the clutter.  All the ref table would need is the time, a link to the original packet, a receiver callsign, and a position indication (as of reception time).  Sorry to digress into technical blather on this board.  Just trying to point out that it wouldn't have to be an exceptional extra load.
> I agree that the gee-whiz factor is important in drawing in new hams, but 
> I think ariss.net does a pretty good job of that now. Still, if someone 
> wanted to write and maintain the more capable system, I'd be glad to help 
> get the existing IGates converted over to the new software, and to 
> interface it to findu.com so that the pages at ariss.net could continue 
> to receive their data.

You can never have enough gee-wiz capability. :)

Playing with XEarth and Predict over the weekend left me with too many ideas of gee-wiz concepts to make tracking ISS contacts more visual and fun.  Unfortunately, more often than not, the glue parts and the CPU horsepower are outstripped by my imagination.

Perhaps, before worrying too much about getting new clients, some thought about an enhanced IGate submission protocol would be a good first step.  If the protocol is ready and published the maintainers of existing packet terminal programs might take an interest in adding "ARISS mode" to their applications.

I'm not trying to criticise (too much).  ariss.net knocked me over the first time I saw it with my own contact confirmation.  Hats off to you and any others who brought that information corelation system to life.

-- KG4NMC (KG4NMC@arrl.net, http://delbert.matlock.com/kg4nmc.htm)
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