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Re: Packet LIstings for ISS, www.ariss.net, K4HG Thank you.

DE: WB6FZH, Greg in Northern California

Greetings from the West Coast.  I have contributed West Coast print-outs of 
what is captured by equipment about one time a month or so.   I was motivated 
by two factors. First that all signals are not heard by the "gate: stations, 
and unless you have things in the proper format it will not be displayed 
generally.  I know it took me a while to fine-tune my format to get it 
displayed. (I have just adjusted my lat/long
and will be interested to see if it updates...I had moved it intentionally 
West to see if 
I could see it on the ariss.net internet map...)

Second, as mentioned by others, it is usefull to see what others see..and 
what is working format-wise for a beacon,etc.  It also has the value that 
could be making it into ISS and not know...giving a helpful unofficial 
verification. I received several e-mails thanking me for posting, as they had 
no digital return on their screen indicating that they had digipeated with 

I learned when working analog satellites from /KH6 and digipeating with MIR 
to CA
that the signal coming down at one end is somewhat differerent than the other 
part of the footprint.  I was lucky enough to exchange real time audio tapes 
and was able to hear my own signal in Hawaii, but other signals, my signal or 
no signal over continental US locations simultaneously, that was very 
interesting. The 
reasons varied from interference, to antenna polarity, equipment,etc. 

I do not find the contributions from a few, showing what they hear a problem. 
I appreciated seeing them early on when I was adjusting format of my beacon, 
and seeing who was experimenting,etc.  I am certain that those "new" do ISS 
digipeating  and thirsting for information value them very much. I 
particularly enjoy seeing what our fellow digipeaters in VK/ZL, ZS, and EU 
are doing. The "delete" function easily removes them as you read your email. 
(as this one will doubtlessly be "zapped" away to delete-city)

Doubtless, some of us have different experiments going (mine usually while 
you are 
  sleeping in the early moring hours) with power levels, antenna 
and we are so very, very  lucky to be able to do this when you really think 
about it.

If you are interested in some basic ISS digipeat info, or a story about the 
TCARC field day and ISS contact with Susan (includiing "real audio" file) 
check out the club website.   http://www.tcoe.trinity.k12.ca.us/~tcarc/       
look for  Field Day 2001 and
Hot Topics:   ISS/Alpha

THANKS to all of those who worked so hard to get and keep Ham Radio on ISS, 
Shuttle, MIR and satellites.  Also a BIG thank you to Steve, K4HG and the 
others that provide data for the ariss.net site!

72/73  Greg WB6FZH, Shasta-Trinity National Forest  CN-80 in Northern 

http://www.trinitycam.com        webcam & ISS general info story
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