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Re: Why do so many people send ISS packet listing.. -- A solution?

On Mon, 30 July 2001, Margaret Leber wrote:

> On Monday 30 July 2001 08:50, Delbert Matlock wrote:
> > An idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while about using a 
> > web based reporting system to catalog these reports.  Down the road, 
> > it is possible to imagine automated receiving stations
> > that pump data directly into the database.  All a user would need to
> > do is go to the site and enter a call sign and location.  Up would
> > come a list of receiving stations and their distance information.
> Uh, Delbert? Don't we have that already? 
>   http://www.ariss.net

That's great from the existing automated listening stations, but it does appear to miss quite a bit.  Perhaps encouraging more people to IGate traffic into that net would be the solution.
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