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Why do so many people send ISS packet listing?


Just a question, so please excuse my ignorance.

Why do so many people send ISS packet listings to the SAREX mailing list?  I
haven't personally "worked" the ISS on packet, if that's what the NOCALL
thing is, so may well be missing something important in this regard.
However, as I see it, all one gets is lots and lots of mails which list
station callsigns, dates, times, etc.  Is there a real reason for this,
other than simply to indicate which parts of the globe the ISS packet system
was working over, and is it useful to most SAREX mailing list users?

I, for one, find that they just clog up my mailbox.

As I mentioned above, I'm ignorant on this stuff, and it may well be very
useful to many SAREX subscribers.

Ray (ZS6RSW)

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