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Upcoming Joan Martin ARISS contact

Hi all,

The next ARISS school contact is coming up hopefully next week.  The next 
contact will be a direct contact with Joan Martin School in Hobart, Indiana.  
This contact will be very early in the morning.  All I can say at the moment 
is that the contact will be either 2001-07-31 at 09:08 UTC or 2001-08-03 at 
07:56 UTC.  It will probably not be on MSNBC.com due to the early hour.

I will be let everyone know as the schedule changes.

You should also be aware that there is a virus out there that did effect my 
computer.  Visit your favorite antivirus web site for the W32.SirCam.Worm@mm 
worm virus.  Norton Utilities has a kill file known as FixSirC.com.

Charlie AJ9N
ARISS mentor for Joan Martin

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