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An ISS Trivia Question

Perhaps some of you really smart guys could answer a question for me.
Yesterday I saw a story on the ARRL web site that showed Susan Helms
operating ham radio from aboard the ISS.  The story contains a link to a
NASA web site where you can look at a high-res copy of the same photo.  

Being a space trivia buff, I looked the photo over carefully.  I noted that
the time displayed on Susan's watch appears to be 3:03.  I know that the
astronauts live on GMT and have off hours between 18:00 and 22:00 GMT.  3:03
CENTRAL time would be exactly 20:03 GMT - right in the middle of the
free-time hours.  

I wonder if Susan keeps a watch set to home-town Houston time, like the guy
in CASTAWAY did.  Does anybody know the answer to this little space trivia

James Alderman, KF5WT
Dallas, TX

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